Vending Machine People, Slot Machine People

There are two types of people. 

One type wants to take a coin, put it into a vending machine, push a button, and know what they're going to get.

The second type wants to take a coin, put it into a slot machine, and have a shot at some extraordinary outcome.

Things go wrong when the vending machine person discovers that the thing they got wasn't actually what they truly wanted. Sometimes they even put the money into the vending machine and realize that what they want is sold out. Occasionally, they even get ripped off, and after putting their money in, nothing comes out.

Things go wrong when the slot machine person makes bets on things that don't have any likelihood of success. They often end up with nothing.

Both the vending machine people and the slot machine people can end up in the same place: hurt, spiteful, and with outcomes far from what they desired.

What's often forgotten about these two types of people is how their possible downsides are the same, but their potential upsides couldn't be any more different. 

With the vending machine, in the absolute best-case scenario, you get what you expected. It's pedestrian at best. The slot machine couldn't be more different: in the best possible result, you win in a life-changing way. But it's far from a guaranteed outcome. Slot machines are notoriously good at taking all of a player's coins.

So, what type of person do you want to be?

If you are ambitious, you'll want to lean in the direction of the slot machine people. There's a critical nuance to all of this: you must only play on machines where it is possible to learn how they work and where you can enhance your odds of winning with each successive coin you put in. If you do this and you play through enough iterations, your chances of winning increase considerably.

Seek extraordinary outcomes. Understand it is an iterative game. Figure out how to make it so that each round you play increases your chance of winning the next one.

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