Accelerate Progress: Fill The Audience-Content Gap

Emerging spaces present a unique opportunity for those who wish to learn while building an audience and status.

Some categories (SaaS, consumer social, etc) are so deeply covered and analyzed that many would be better off consuming the ideas of others than trying to break through with ideas of their own.

Contrast that with categories that are still in their relative infancy—web3, longevity, etc. You’ll see that with these categories there is still a wide gap between the demands of an audience and the current supply of content.

This audience-content gap represents an information market that is out of equilibrium. The primary culprit for what holds back growth in an emerging category is often educational content. The lack of foundational information means that it’s harder to onboard more people into the category. This slows technological progress.

The utility threshold is much lower in rapidly-growing categories than in saturated ones. Though it might seem basic to you, it’s possible to write a quality primer on a topic that ends up helping onboard thousands of new people into a category (example: Linda Xie’s excellent Beginners Guide to NFTs). These contributions will in turn bring more people into the category and the flywheel continues to spin.

I’m sharing this idea because…

•  We need more people creating content in order to close the audience-content gap across a variety of sectors.

•  I want you to know that there’s an opportunity to learn and earn while contributing to these emerging spaces.

If you’re interested in filling the audience-content gap in an emerging sector I would love to support you. 

DM @julianweisser or email julian at weisser dot io

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