I'm a founder and investor.

All I want to do is help the smartest people of the highest integrity solve the biggest problems.


The Internet Dream

Fractionalization (of everything)
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Accelerate Progress: Fill The Audience-Content Gap

September 23, 2021

This audience-content gap represents an information market that is out of equilibrium. It slows technological progress.

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The Drawback of Invisible Value Creation

February 3, 2021

When software does magic, and you don't notice, it might appear that you received nothing. This introduces an interesting problem for software creators...

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Edit: I hired an intern at On Deck

November 24, 2020

I'm hiring an intern to join the Candidates team that I run at On Deck. The last intern, Nate, just an accepted an offer to join us full time to run Candidate Ops for the founder fellowship (ODF).

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The temptation of "could-be" customers.

August 14, 2020

Early on, founders are often trying to figure out how to get more people to use their product. In reality, they should be investing in making the product even more remarkable for their existing, albeit tiny, user base.

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