I’m co-founder of On Deck. I’m most often found on Twitter.


On Deck Alums Hiring

Email or Twitter DM me names of great people for these roles and I’ll treat you to dinner if they get hired. If you happen to be a young person who isn’t in SF that makes the referral I’ll pay for a domestic flight so you can visit the Bay Area.

  • Love healthcare? Sling Health (YC, seed round led by Kleiner) is hiring a senior software engineer. Sling is building out the technical infrastructure for medical operations and the largest geographically distributed team of remote nurses.

  • Love dogs? Celevity (seed led by Bedrock, Collaborative Fund, and others) is hiring their first employee (Biz Ops Generalist). Celevity is a seed stage company developing drugs to help our furry friends live longer, healthier lives.

How I can help

  • Product and growth
  • Operations
  • Finding co-founders
  • Hiring
  • Talking through uncomfortable situations

Requests for Startups

I’m a curious generalist so if you are fascinated by what you’re working on I’m sure I’ll enjoy hearing about it. That said, here are a few topics I’ve been thinking about:

  • Reversing or radically improving management of chronic disease. See Virta reversing type 2 diabetes
  • Compression of morbidity
  • Updating media (future of books/knowledge)
  • Collaboration tools (realize Doug Engelbart’s dream of unleashing human potential)
  • Future of publishing and online discourse
  • Childcare / Pediatric care
  • Care of the aging
  • Combat disinformation
  • Prediction
  • Transportation (<4 miles or inter-city)
  • Housing solutions
  • Increasing food accessibility (affordable healthy foods)
  • The “at-risk” model

I always have time for founders.

My email is julian@weisser.io and my DMs are open @julianweisser

Requests for Projects

Personal interest—don’t care much about the business potential but would love to see these in the world.

  • Membership-based Library where each member gets a bookcase and X% goes towards funding public libraries. I’d love a place to spend time with curious people that isn’t a bar or a coffeeshop and is open 24/7.
  • Global running club with weekly affordable races in cities around the world. See DSE Runners for inspiration.

Above is a snapshot of today. To get a sense of me 1 year ago you can listen to my interview on the Crazy Wisdom podcast.