Julian Weisser

Music school → music startup → left to focus on my health (↓70lbs) → started Within to help people make empowered health decisions.

Free Download: The Top 150 Tech Blogs You Need To Pitch Your Startup To!

How many of the top startup blogs can you name off the top of your head?

10? 20? How about 150?

I'm continually updating a spreadsheet with the most authoritative websites and blogs to pitch your startup to for coverage. I already know you are savvy (after all, you found this site!) but I guarantee you still haven't heard of at least 1/4 of these websites - yet they all have tons of visitors and engangement!

Getting featured by any of these websites will cause your startup to:

  • Achieve a better ranking in search results
  • Acquire more users or pre-launch signups
  • Add yet another press logo to your home page ;)


(note that I'll be sharing a Google Doc with you. It will be continually updated!)