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Music school → music startup → left to focus on my health (↓70lbs) → started Within to help people make empowered health decisions.

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  1. Bloglovin' (Week 1): One New Reading App Weekly

    I'm really excited to kick off my project, One New Reading App Weekly. If you haven't heard about the project from the introduction post, I'm using one new reading app each week (for at least 10 weeks), writing about my experiences, and chatting with their creators about everything from early…

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  2. I'm Trying "One New Reading App Weekly" (Am I Missing Out On Your Favorite?)

    I decided to take a deep dive into reading apps. I spend an astonishing amount of time reading on my iPhone considering how small the screen is compared to my MacBook Air and iPad. I believe people who don't spend a considerable amount of time reading on their phones already…

    Reading Apps