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Music school → music startup → left to focus on my health (↓70lbs) → started Within to help people make empowered health decisions.

Tag: Marketing

  1. Learn to speak like your customers.

    This is a post about how to learn to speak the language of your customers. Marketers live in a data-driven world. But why do our customers care about what we offer? Does a visitor's decision to give us their email address really hinge on the color of our "submit" button?…

    Customer Development, Marketing

  2. How To Convince Your Target Audience To Give You A Chance

    Last week I started collecting emails for my free eBook, Validate Your College Business Plan (or Startup Idea) Within One Week. On the form you can fill out to get the book, I ask what your biggest marketing challenge is. Though it wasn't a required field, I've gotten some really…

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  3. How to achieve a 52.3% conversion on your landing page using Quora

    I'm pretty shocked, honestly. What started as me searching for an answer to a question on Quora and finding nothing relevant ended with me getting a bunch smart people to sign up to my blog. First, I stumbled upon a relevant question (I wasn't even looking for it!): It just…


  4. The Hybrid Energy Marketer

    If you aren't familiar with the Six Pixels of Separation podcast by marketer Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel) and his company Twist Image you are seriously missing out. This year the podcast reached a true landmark: the 400th episode. In the episodes, Mitch speaks with master marketers of all backgrounds in a…