Julian Weisser

Music school → music startup → left to focus on my health (↓70lbs) → started Within to help people make empowered health decisions.

Ship Fast But Not Without Purpose.


There are many reasons to continually create and release new content regardless of your industry/profession:

  • It keeps you sharp and forces you to not let yourself grow stagnant.
  • You will learn what the users/fans like without asking. Most people will not know if they actually like something until it is presented to them.
  • You may discover that your strengths are actually better used in a different direction.
  • It causes continual engagement and stimulation of users/fans.
  • Conversations about each release can draw people more in. Even if the release is hated by some, the loud and passionate conversation can still be of value. Facebook’s release of timeline is a good example of this phenomenon.

While shipping fast and constantly building are both good tenets you should not turn your brain off after the creating is done (is it ever?). You should ship fast but with a purpose.

Releasing something without a goal or motive could squander a good idea by not giving the content the attention and thought it deserves. You likely spent some time creating the next piece you plan to unveil so you should make sure to take the time before (or after) the creation process to identify what you are trying to accomplish with the release.

  • Are you trying to gain followers on Twitter or YouTube views? Is that really the end goal or is it just the first step in the conversion process of an outside observer to a passionate fan?
  • Are you trying to make money now or build social equity that can be turned into sales later?
  • Are you trying for a big reaction or are you just trying to see if anyone notices at all?

Knowing your purpose for shipping a new creation is just as important as the constant experimentation that precedes each release.

Keep shipping.

Keep thinking.

Keep hitting Command + S!

(Above photo of Mark Zuckerberg’s desk at Facebook)