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I'm Trying "One New Reading App Weekly" (Am I Missing Out On Your Favorite?)

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I decided to take a deep dive into reading apps. I spend an astonishing amount of time reading on my iPhone considering how small the screen is compared to my MacBook Air and iPad. I believe people who don't spend a considerable amount of time reading on their phones already will begin to change their habits as these apps continue to gain users.

Every week, I'll be using one new reading app exclusively. They're all very different from one another and that's what makes giving them all a chance so appealing. This week (Week 1), I've been digging into (Bloglovin). I expect this to go on for at least 10 weeks - it really depends on how many quality apps I hear about. Please tweet me app suggestions so I can be sure I don't miss anything really good!

Here's what I have on my list so far:

For each app I'll be:

  • Doing tear-downs of the onboarding process.
  • Discovering what makes each app unique.
  • Looking at facets of reading apps that seem to be de rigueur.

I'll speak with creators reading apps about:

  • Product decisions they made.
  • How they attracted their early users.
  • How they wanted to differentiate and why on earth they decided to create yet another reading app!

You can expect a blog post here every week where I'll be discussing my experiences with a different reading app. I'll also be turning all of these posts + additional research into a free eBook.

Get updates on New Reading App Weekly and the free eBook once the project wraps: