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"Click to Tweet" - An Underused CTA

Buttons are cool. They can be bright an animate in really fancy ways.

Let's put them aside for a moment and look at a less-used opportunity to spread your message: "click to tweet" links.

A "click to tweet" link opens up a pre-composed tweet which someone can easily share. click here to tweet about click to tweet links (so meta!)

What makes these so special? Simply put: any time you make it easier for someone to spread your message, the more likely they'll actually spread it (click to tweet this nugget of wisdom).

Come up with a catchy tweet

Be sure to use your @twitterhandle, #hashtags, and perhaps a link you want people to be sharing.

Use a URL encoder

Once you've drafted up your tweet, click here to access a URL encoder, paste it in, and click "encode" to format your tweet.

Copy the encoded tweet from the step above to the end of this code snippet all inside of a text editor:

It should look something like this:


Now THAT is an attractive URL!!

Kidding, but the hard work is done.

Paste the into your internet browser and see what happens when you hit enter.

It will likely look something like this:

Now that you've confirmed that your "click to tweet" link generates the correct pre-composed content, toss the URL into bit.ly to make it a more manageable length.

I love to use "click-to-tweet" links in the body of automated emails. I also have one in my Gene Guru email signature:

These links can also be embedded in buttons.

Most importantly, you should make an ask. Be polite. Notice in my email signature I say, "please," and I recommend you say that or something similar.

I hope you found this guide on creating "click-to-tweet" links useful.

I'd be grateful if you could click here to tweet this guide so others can learn about this powerful marketing tool.

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