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  1. Learn to speak like your customers.

    This is a post about how to learn to speak the language of your customers. Marketers live in a data-driven world. But why do our customers care about what we offer? Does a visitor's decision to give us their email address really hinge on the color of our "submit" button…

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  2. Ship Fast But Not Without Purpose.

    There are many reasons to continually create and release new content regardless of your industry/profession: It keeps you sharp and forces you to not let yourself grow stagnant. You will learn what the users/fans like without asking. Most people will not know if they actually like something until…

    on Product

  3. 4 ways to create timeless posts

    When discussing world news or current events, the half-life of your writing's relevancy is short. Writings focused on knowledge and advice, however, can be treasured long after the publication date. If you look at the work of writers such as Seth Godin or Derek Sivers, you can scroll through the…

    on inbound marketing, writing

  4. "I'm a good guy," and other lies.

    "I'm a good guy." Said no good guy ever. "I'm a marketing master." Said no marketing master ever. "I got lucky." Said the person who worked her ass off and was eventually rewarded. If you need to tell people what kind of person you are...you probably aren't actually that…

    on Habits

  5. This café's sales tactic is brilliant

    I wanted to share a story about the best sales tactic I’ve witnessed at a coffee shop. Ever. About a year ago, Neighborhoods Café opened just a short walk from my apartment in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston. Between the great atmosphere, plentiful outlets, and constant smell of crepes…

    on Sales

  6. Quick Trick: Always pay $1.17 for a .COM domain

    Occasionally you will come across a deal for a 99¢ .com domain on sites like 1and1 or GoDaddy. Sadly, if you're like me, you probably won't need one when that deal is happening. As of this writing (5/30/14), .com domains on GoDaddy are on "sale" for $12.99…

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  7. How To Convince Your Target Audience To Give You A Chance

    Last week I started collecting emails for my free eBook, Validate Your College Business Plan (or Startup Idea) Within One Week. On the form you can fill out to get the book, I ask what your biggest marketing challenge is. Though it wasn't a required field, I've gotten some really…

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  8. Keep The Wheel of Reciprocity Spinning

    Both life and startups are not competitions in the traditional sense of the word. They are about growing relationships that matter and are less focused on trying to become the “winner” over everyone else. MassChallenge (an incubator the first startup I joined went through) slogan is, “we help entrepreneurs win…

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  9. Bloglovin' (Week 1): One New Reading App Weekly

    I'm really excited to kick off my project, One New Reading App Weekly. If you haven't heard about the project from the introduction post, I'm using one new reading app each week (for at least 10 weeks), writing about my experiences, and chatting with their creators about everything from early…

    on Reading Apps

  10. How to achieve a 52.3% conversion on your landing page using Quora

    I'm pretty shocked, honestly. What started as me searching for an answer to a question on Quora and finding nothing relevant ended with me getting a bunch smart people to sign up to my blog. First, I stumbled upon a relevant question (I wasn't even looking for it!): It just…

    on Marketing

  11. I'm Trying "One New Reading App Weekly" (Am I Missing Out On Your Favorite?)

    I decided to take a deep dive into reading apps. I spend an astonishing amount of time reading on my iPhone considering how small the screen is compared to my MacBook Air and iPad. I believe people who don't spend a considerable amount of time reading on their phones already…

    on Reading Apps

  12. Guide: 5 reasons why not enough people view your blog (and how to fix them)

    Does your blog ever seem like an empty stadium? Just a few spectators? An empty comment section? Perhaps some banner ads but little else going on? Here are a few areas you might be able to improve: You aren't collecting emails well. OR AT ALL. This is the easiest mistake…

    on Blogging. Inbound Marketing

  13. The Hybrid Energy Marketer

    If you aren't familiar with the Six Pixels of Separation podcast by marketer Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel) and his company Twist Image you are seriously missing out. This year the podcast reached a true landmark: the 400th episode. In the episodes, Mitch speaks with master marketers of all backgrounds in a…

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