I specialize in operations-heavy businesses. I'm currently helping Virta with growth as we work to reverse type 2 diabetes in 100M people by 2025.

Previously, I built products and services in consumer genomics and workplace wellness. I love the human element of business. Iā€™m honored to be a person founders and businesses turn to when they need help.


68% of tech workers are not satisfied with their company's response when they report issues like harassment.

Human-centered issues are a natural occurrence in business. When they arise, it is essential to have systems in place for them to be resolved early and fairly.

OutsideAssist is a software and services firm that deploys both the reporting tools and the mediation team needed to help high-growth businesses identify and solve human issues.

Contact: julian@outsideassist.com

On Deck

"On Deck brings world class entrepreneurs together. We're excited to support these events & meet potential YC founders through it."
- Michael Seibel, CEO and Partner at Y Combinator

On Deck is a dinner series and evolving community of world class entrepreneurs who are openly ā€” or secretly ā€” about to start their next thing.

I help On Deck create processes and resources to grow while maintaining consistent quality. We're now in London, NYC, New Delhi, Tel Aviv, LA, Boston, Boulder, and SF.

Whether you're looking to find a co-founder, make a first hire, or meet investors, On Deck is for you. Interested? Apply here.