A long, strange trip.

Five years ago, I left music school to work with two MIT scientists who were building technology to view how links were shared across the internet. We took part in MassChallenge and learned about startups. I was hooked.

I taught myself a bit about coding and worked with some friends to build tools for creators to directly monetize their audiences.

After rebooting my life (losing over 70 lbs), I worked on a team that built a DNA nutrition test to help people improve their health.

Last year, we launched 1-on-1 onsite nutrition coaching services at workplaces around Boston.

The Future

The future will be about participation—more than ever before.

The opportunities we'll have to take part in shaping the internet will expand greatly over the next decade and the impact will be immeasurable. We'll be able to build, vote, invest, and in many other ways reimagine fundamental building blocks of civilization; from education to banking.