I specialize in online-to-offline and operations-heavy businesses.

Previously, I built products and services in consumer genomics and workplace wellness. I love the human element of business. Iā€™m honored to be a person founders and businesses turn to when they need help.


68% of tech workers are not satisfied with their company's response when they report issues like harassment.

Human-centered issues are a natural occurrence in business. When they arise, it is essential to have systems in place for them to be resolved early and fairly.

OutsideAssist is a software and services firm that deploys both the reporting tools and the mediation team needed to help high-growth businesses identify and solve human issues.

By handling both technology and talent, OutsideAssist provides a complete solution that keeps headcount low, spend predictable, and includes the customization necessary to meet the needs of unique businesses.

Contact: julian@outsideassist.com

On Deck

"On Deck brings world class entrepreneurs together. We're excited to support these events & meet potential YC founders through it."
- Michael Seibel, CEO and Partner at Y Combinator

On Deck is a dinner series and evolving community of world class entrepreneurs who are openly ā€” or secretly ā€” about to start their next thing.

I run On Deck's Boulder network. We're also in London, NYC, New Delhi, Tel Aviv, LA, Boston, and SF.

Whether you're looking to find a co-founder, make a first hire, or meet investors, On Deck is for you. Interested? Apply here.